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Today Let’s talk about Pregnancy and Sexual Closeness.

Ideal Sex Postures for Pregnant Women

Postures that are best before or during early pregnancy may be hazardous or uncomfortable during the later stages of child development in your womb.

The missionary position that is lying on the back is not recommended after month 4 as the heaviness of the emergent uterus exerts pressure on blood vessels.

You can try some of these alternatives to the customary missionary position:

  • Get on top: This posture allows you to take control of the way you like it to be: fast or slow, as well as adjust the comfort level
  • Spooning: this refers to the way spoons fit in the silverware drawer. Lie on the side, with your partner behind you during intercourse. It helps decrease the pressure on the belly.
  • Knees and hands: It works best in the first two trimesters as well as lessens the tummy pressure. However, with a growing belly, you may find the position uncomfortable.

Other Alternatives to Intimacy

Intimacy does not only mean sexual intercourse. Sharing your sexual desire can also be done by:

  • Cuddles
  • Kisses
  • Arousing massage
  • Oral sex

In case you choose oral sex, make sure that your partner does not aerate your vagina which can lead to embolism (blood vessels blocked by bubbles of air).

This can seriously affect you and the baby.

Generally, if a woman enjoys sexual intimacy before getting pregnant, these can be continued until when she is comfortable with it.

Speak to your physician regarding particular queries.

Additional Suggestions for Couples

  • Speak to your partner regarding your needs frankly and lovingly; be mindful of the concerns on both sides. Working together can make the intimacy long lasting as well as loving for one another.
  • Be guided by mutual comfort and pleasure; if something does not work for either of you, change the process.
  • Maintain your humor
  • Avoid sexually transmitted diseases by using a condom during intercourse, or go for intercourse with someone who does not have multiple partners. Discuss HIV testing methods for you and your partner with your healthcare provider.
  • In case of any queries, or if it a high risk pregnancy, look for medical assistance.

Post Delivery Sex

After delivery, it is best to wait after the postpartum checkup (4 weeks later).

This will make you comfortable; often, couples resume active sex on the first year of delivery.

Be healthy!

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