The fFN test or Fetal fibronectic test is basically carried out to find out whether a pregnant woman will be undergoing a preterm delivery or not.

During pregnancy, many women may experience certain symptoms like pelvic pressure, contractions in the uterus, changes in vaginal discharges and others. Although all such symptoms may not imply a preterm delivery, yet your doctor might decide to test you for the same. It is then that the Fetal fibronectic test, known as fFN test in short, is conducted.

The test is basically carried out on women who are in their 22nd or 34th week of the gestation period. Women who display symptoms of premature delivery are also put through this test. Usually, the fFN test is carried out only on the following people:

§  Those who experience slight bleeding from the vagina

§  Those whose amniotic membrane is intact

§  Those without any cervical cerclage

§  Pregnant women experiencing a cervix dilation of not more than 3 cm.

The fFN test should not be used on:

§  Asymptomatic patients

§  Women bearing twins

§  Women with premature detachment of the placenta

§  Women who are experiencing heavy bleeding from the vagina

The test is repeated after a period of 14 days only if the results of the first test are negative. As the results are valid for a period of 7 to 14 days it needs to be repeated again.

If the results of the test are positive, it need not necessarily indicate a premature delivery. However, a negative result does mean that there are no risks of premature delivery within the following 7 to 14 days. A positive result basically suggests possibilities of neonatal complications and the chances of delivery before time. Thus, a positive result implies that the pregnant woman needs to be monitored closely.

Based on the results of the test you can adequate measures to ensure a safe pregnancy. Different kinds of medicines, like Tocolytic agents, can be administered to prevent uterine contractions. Your doctor might give you certain medicines like corticosteroids to quicken the process of maturing of the fetus’s lungs. You might be shifted to a medical center experienced in dealing with premature delivery.

Preterm delivery might cause birth problems for the baby and lead to unwanted complications. To avoid such situations, it is better to go for the fFN test for the well being of your child.

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