During pregnancy it is important to keep a close watch on your baby’s health. Monitoring the fetus regularly from time to time is essential to keep a tab on its health and, thus, ensure their well-being.

The tests for monitoring fetal health are necessary to assess its level of activity, health, growth rate and other aspects. Such tests also help in detecting medical problems that the fetus might develop.

There are different kinds of tests that are specially meant for monitoring the health of the growing fetus. Some of these are as follows:

Obstetric ultrasound:

A very common medical examination, it uses sound waves to check the baby. In this test, with the help of sound waves, a picture of the baby appears on the screen of a computer and the doctor by looking at the picture can monitor the position of the fetus and check for other details.

Fetal movement count:

This test is conducted to monitor the movement of the baby inside the womb. This test can also be done at home. This test is also popularly known as kick counts since the baby kicks inside the womb when it moves.

Contraction stress test:

This examination is performed to measure the change in the rate of the fetus’s heart beat when there are contractions in the uterus.

Nonstress test:

This medical examination is conducted to check the heartbeat of your baby. It basically measures the rate of heart beat of the baby as it moves inside the womb. The heart beat of a fetus is said to be faster when it moves.

Biophysical profile:

This is a combination of both nonstress and ultrasound examination. This test is absolutely safe for the fetus and is often conducted on a weekly basis. Based on whether the results are normal or abnormal, further tests may be prescribed by the doctor. The normal score for this test usually ranges between 8 and 10.

One cannot say that the results of these tests will be hundred percent accurate. But, they still play an important role in keeping a check on the health of your baby. Possible birth problems can be detected well in advance with the help of these tests. The tests help in detecting a problem which in turn might help you in taking adequate precaution before hand. The basic idea is to ensure your as well as your baby’s good health.

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